The ad that became a music video


Years ago we shot an ad for Just Jeans that featured the legendary Jimmy Barnes.

It was shot in the classic video clip style of filming a band performing live unannounced and then as word of the performance spread, documenting the crowd build.

We originally wanted to use ‘River Deep’ as the song, but Michael Gudinski thought ‘Higher & Higher’ would be a better fit.

The shoot was done with multiple cameras in the Catani Gardens next to Luna Park in Melbourne and by the end of Barnsey’s set it was packed out. 

Mushroom were so happy with the finished result they asked us to cut a longer version of the performance for them to use as a music video.

Much later if you came home after a big night out, you were sure to catch it still playing on Rage.


KENO – Let’s Play!

“Keno’s perception was that the brand was a bit tired and seen as an older person’s game.” 

The new KENO ‘Let’s Play!’ campaign brought to life a new brand promise with a transformed identity. New media executions featured multiple messages that linked through to an exciting In-venue customer experience.

Featuring the worlds most downloaded song ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas, Shannon & Co has created an inclusive communication platform for the brand, that attracted new younger players without alienating older users.

A transformation of the brand and products, including the new Mega Millions game in 2017, saw Keno returning to growth for TabCorp.

Manager Marketing, Claire Murphy “This brand transformation and campaign really invited people to think about Keno differently, turning Keno into a talked about part of a fun night out. It engaged new and lapsed customers, all with the aim of long term growth.”

Creative Director, Ant Shannon, said: “Sociability is important to Keno. Our ‘Let’s Play!’ campaign was designed to show how Keno adds to the buzz of having a good time. We were able to capture this with memorable enthusiasm.”

ONLINE – https://keno.com.au/

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Keno Retail – New Mega Millions Campaign

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Keno Mega 1H8A8667

Holeproof Computer Socks

And… here’s a TVC we made for Holeproof Computer Socks, featuring Donald Trump shot on his private jet.

We scripted ‘Very disappointing’ not knowing that later ‘very’ would become his most used word.

An Emmy nomination performance?

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Holeproof Donald Trump

‘My day with Donald Trump’ Interview with The Financial Review