KENO – Let’s Play!

“Keno was a strong business, but perception was that the brand was a bit tired and seen as an older person’s game.” 

The new Keno Let’s Play! campaign brings to life a new brand promise with a transformed identity. New media executions feature multiple messages through to a new retail and in venue customer experience.

Featuring the worlds most downloaded song ‘I gotta feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas, Shannon & Co has created an entertaining and exciting communication platform for the brand.

A transformation of the brand and products was kicked off around 18 months ago and in 2016 Keno returned to growth for Tabcorp, with revenues up 4.8 per cent at $208.5m.

Manager Marketing, Claire Murphy “This brand transformation and campaign really invited people to think about Keno differently, turning Keno into a talked about part of a fun night out. It engaged new and lapsed customers, all with the aim of long term growth.”

Creative Director, Ant Shannon, said: “Sociability is important to Keno growth. Our ‘Let’s Play!’ campaign executions are designed to show how Keno adds to the buzz of having a good time, and we captured this with memorable enthusiasm.”


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Keno Retail – New Mega Millions Campaign

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Keno Mega 1H8A8667

Holeproof Computer Socks

And… here’s a TVC we made about 10 years ago for Holeproof Computer Socks, featuring the ‘inimitable’ Donald Trump shot in his private jet. An Emmy nomination performance?

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Holeproof Donald Trump

‘My day with Donald Trump’ Interview with The Financial Review

John West – Be your Best

Creative  direction / Concept & Brand strategy.

John West_Be your Best - frame

Result: John West further increased sales, as one of Australia’s favourite food brands.

“…sitting amongst the top 5% of all ads tested in Australia ” – Millward Brown 19/12/2012

Cannes 2013 Finalist.

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