John West – Be your Best

Creative  direction / Concept & Brand strategy.

John West_Be your Best - frame

Result: John West further increased sales, as one of Australia’s favourite food brands.

“…sitting amongst the top 5% of all ads tested in Australia ” – Millward Brown 19/12/2012

Cannes 2013 Finalist.

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Uncle Tobys Oats

In the middle of winter theres nothing like a steaming bowl of oats to give you warmth and energy.

We set out to capture that feeling in a TVC for Uncle Tobys Oats.

The shoot was at Mount Mckay in Victoria, featuring local animals and well trained dingoes.

Directors: Ant Shannon / Maurice Dowd

John West Tuna

Launching John West to become Australia’s leading tuna brand.

With a little help from CGI, John West dived into a pool in Parramatta and came up with the best tuna.

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Tuna to Go. 

John West finds new uses for Tuna to Go, some playtime with the great white sharks. 

Cannes Finalist.

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